New. New. New.

Time For The "New"

We have just completed many new portions of our business as we grow Alt Design Group.

  • Our brand has undergone an evolution with a new logo and color scheme.
  • New website
  • Staging is a new service we have added for our clients.
  • Estate Maintenance is a new service as well.
  • And, we have retooled all our marketing efforts.

More details with links follow. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Brand Evolution and a New Horizon

Alt Design Group (SADG) has been on a whirlwind growth path for the last year. We quickly formed the company three years ago and never really had the time to create the persona and the brand image.  We have finally sat down and worked our own brand.

Our new logo symbol signifies how SADG supports our client's by creating a comfortable support for them. Our foundation, the bottom segment, represents our core - interior design. This foundation creates a lifestyles that reflects our client's personalty and needs. The left symbol signifies our estate maintenance and management to keep our client's properties running smoothly. The right symbol signifies the staging side of our business helping our client's successfully sell their homes and move forward with their lives. This symbol reflects how we help our clients.

The charcoal grey color implies that we are a palette for our clients. Our foundation is a strong color to build from, yet we are not the purpose. Think of this is a great primer base to get you going.

We are very excited about our brand evolution and all the new projects on the horizon.

New Website and Ready to Grow

A new website is always a daunting task. It feels like an infinite number of options wrapped in a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo. Somewhat similar to how our clients feel before starting a construction project. We took our own advice; "bring in a pro to make the process easier and get stuff done". 

Paul Self guided us through the process, wrote most of the content, and made the site happen in about 2 weeks. Paul is a friend of the company, has been on the Board for ASID, and understands interior designers. 

Now that we have the foundation in place, SEO is working, geo tags are in place, we can start pushing our content out via blogs, social media and email marketing. 


Our marketing person always says "go to where your clients are", and we did. Many of our clients are selling their home or rental properties on a regular basis. They loved our design work, wanted their homes to sell quickly, and they wanted the highest price, so we followed them.

Our full service staging options take care of everything, we even bring the furniture. We come in, clean-up, de-clutter, and make the place look great with our designs. There is usually some post inspection maintenance to get resolved and we handle much of this as well. 

Try the slider on the image above and see the before and after.

Estate Management & Maintenance

Many of our clients ask us if we can get something repaired and/or keep something running. Over the last three years, this service has blossomed into it's own World. The "Steve" of Steve Alt Design Group handles this portion of our business as well as the operational efforts.

Our new site does not promote this new service yet. Stand by for more of those details. However, if you need something handled, let us know and we will solve the problem.

We can hardly contain our excitement about 2017. Drop us a line or call us and see how we can help you.

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