Master Bedroom All Grown Up

Master bedroom interior deign in orange county, CA

Finished Project

Time to Move Forward

A simple design project that sets the tone for a young couple moving forward: "Design our Master Bedroom and help us move forward with our lives." Sounds easy, but the significance of setting the tone to move forward and laying a foundation for their family weighed heavy on us. 

The solution for moving forward came from their foundations. The inspiration was pulled from a painting of their son by her father, her grandmother’s chair, and a fabric that she had previously selected for the upholstery. This was solid footing to build on.

We selected furniture and accessories from various retail stores where we could get things delivered quickly. We added beautiful shutters to the windows, a ceiling fan, a floor rug, a desk, a dresser, and a comfortable chair where she could read and relax, or nurse her next baby. We chose a pale aqua paint for the walls to cool the west facing bedroom which can get a lot of sunlight in the afternoon. Symmetry and balance was important to him so we made sure we provided that by selecting pairs of night stands and lamps, and art that was framed in the same shape and size. We used her existing quilt but added new bedding around it to make it feel fresh and new.

We were very happy to hear after the completion of this project that their next child is on the way!

Master bedroom interior deign in orange county, CA

Before Picture


They had recently purchased their first home and the bedroom had furniture that was a conglomeration of pieces that they each brought with them into the marriage from college. It was time to take the next step and do a grown-up bedroom. Both clients are professionals, they have a young son with plans to add another child to their family, and they had a budget they needed to be maintained.

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