Fresh + Timeless Design

Our Approach

As Interior Designers, our goal is to convert our client's goals and vision into a well-planned, beautifully appointed home.  Our process begins with intensive listening and culminates with expert guidance through a multitude of design choices. We believe that designing a home is a special experience -- a creative collaboration between the client and our design team. ADG takes great pride and pleasure in developing lasting and trusting relationships throughout each design project.  Having invested years collecting talented and reliable support resources, we bring well established partnerships with superb vendors, trades, artisans, and architects to create interiors unique to the story of YOU.

Where we Shine

Our focus is on residential interior design for remodeling and new construction projects in the Orange County, CA area.  Examples of our work will be found in Newport Beach, CA, Corona Del Mar, CA, and surrounding areas.

Our Process


With each new client, we go to great lengths to understand goals, lifestyle, and how the project space will be used.  We also discuss budgets, project timelines, and intentions regarding ownership and sale of the property.

Our interviews should reveal space planning needs, human factors, how family and friends will use the space, along with a clear vision of the overall presentation our client wishes to convey.



A budget may be driven by many variables such as property value, cash flow, and general willingness to invest in the property.  As we discuss your goals, we can provide budget ranges to help clarify expectations. Once the budget range, desires, and realistic expectations are defined, we will create a unique detailed proposal with specific timelines.  Since ADG is not a licensed General Contractor (GC), we are happy to work with your selected GC or refer several for consideration.

Our pricing approach is unique in the Interior Design industry.  As a professional design service, our skills and talents are intellectual property.  Therefore, our rate structure emulates those of other professional services like architects:  proposals include estimated hours with a fixed dollar amount to complete the agreed work.  We are not a retailer or merchant striving for maximum profit by using hidden or murky cost models.  Instead, clients enjoy our true wholesale cost plus a reasonable and transparent markup on all chosen elements.  Since individual products and services are not being promoted based on fluctuating profit margins, we are steadfastly devoted to designing the right solution without compromise.  We feel strongly that this approach serves our clients' best interest.

Vision Boards

ADG creates comprehensive Vision Boards to convey proposed materials, elements, and conceptual designs for your space before starting construction.  Depending on the agreed budget, our clients can expect a combination of sketches, renderings, photos, and physical samples to ensure a clear understanding of the project prior to commencement.  Consensus at this early phase is crucial to avoid misconceptions, surprises, and disruptive "change orders" later on.

Project Timelines

After multiple timeline discussions during earlier phases, timelines provided at this stage should be considered accurate as they are now based on refined conceptual designs and agreed budgets.


ADG works closely with the General Contractor to ensure a successful construction project.  Our emphasis is on timely execution of quality work without cutting corners, to achieve an impressive end result on schedule.


Once construction is complete, ADG will install the final interior design elements to make your home sparkle.

House Warming

We love parties!  Recognizing the special joy our clients receive through sharing their new environment with family and friends, we are happy to help with necessary arrangements.  We have a great network of seasoned party experts and service providers from bartenders to caterers and everything in between.  Let us help you show off your impressive space.