A Few Tips for Keeping a Clean House with Pets

Here’s What I Learned About Keeping A Clean House With Pets, And Maybe Kids and Husbands Too

So, we are HUGE pet lovers.  I’d have a house full if Steve let me.  Of course, he limits me but someday, I will have that farm. Pets are hard on houses, that’s for sure, and I’m going to share a few tips for keeping your home clean while living with pets. These tips might also work with husbands and kids too!

-Use indoor/outdoor fabrics and rugs. You can find many options online and in stores or ask your favorite interior designer. To keep our house clean, I use rugs in front of doors, going in or out, to catch dirt and hair. I like to have my sofa on a rug to catch crumbs from Steve’s late night snacks while watching what else, golf, while Charlie drools. Another great spot would be under the dining table. I also use them in front of the kitchen sink where other things might drop or spill and because they are indoor/outdoor they are easy to keep clean. Outdoor fabrics can now be found on sofas, sectionals, chairs, and throw pillows. There are many more fabulous options available now through interior designers.
– Due to the fact we have a very large Labrador Retriever in our home, Swiffer is my best friend. From working retail many moons ago, I learned to keep the house clean by using the Swiffer across the floor and under furniture first to pull out dust and hair.  Next, I quickly run the vacuum cleaner to pick up what I just pulled out.
– What about those walls and cabinets? Use a good quality paint, such as Dunn Edwards.  I use the semi-gloss on all woodwork and their velvet finish for walls. These finishes are easily wiped down compared to a flat finish. I love cleaning up dog drool and nose smudges with the Mr.Clean’s Magic Eraser. Darker paints are very fashionable right now so maybe consider blue painted cabinets or a grey wainscot down the hallway to maintain the look of a clean home.
– I constantly buy inexpensive throw blankets to cover the sofa and keep the house clean. Why? No, it’s not for my husband. It’s because our Lab, Charlie, spends his days lounging about on the chaise keeping a neighborhood watch. They can be interesting colors or textures and I don’t mind if they are covered in dog hair or whatever else might fall off of him. My favorite source? Home Goods. Yes! And when I’m done using them, I donate them to the local animal shelter.

A few house cleaning tips I found online and need to try…
– Spray pet bowls with cooking spray to help keep them clean and each pet definitely needs their own stylish place mat at their feeding space.
– Use latex gloves in place of lint rollers. Rub your gloved hand over fabrics and the fur will stick to the latex and afterwards, just rinse the fur off with water.
– Shaving cream is a great way to clean up pet stains. Don’t use the gel, use only foam, and find one that is white in color. The tip I found says to spray it on the stain, let it sit for a minute, and wipe up with warm water. Barbasol was the brand recommended.
– An emergency cleaner formula: fill a squirt bottle with half water, half vinegar, and a drop of Dawn dish soap. Use it on everything!

Now, go give those cherished pets a big hug and share these housekeeping tips with friends and family.

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