Winner – ASID OC Platinum Design Award for Bathrooms

Alt Design Group was honored at the ASID OC Gala as the winner of the Best Powder Room, Platinum level for 2017.

"This is a great honor for our firm. Our entire team worked very hard to turn this small space into something very magical", said Julia Caro, Principal Designer with Alt Design Group. "To be recognized by our peers is a very special honor." The judges for this award included Barclay Butera, Kelli Ellis, Laura Kirar, Judy Deaton, and Farid Gabdrakhmanova.

The story on the project is below.

Big Things Come in Little Packages

Pool House Bathroom

This pool house bathroom is tiny, 3' x 5'. One of the smallest rooms we have designed. 

Our team was tasked with building this space to accomplish these goals:

  • Feel larger than it is. 
  • Be very durable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • A really great looking space.

The picture on the left shows the pool and fire pit in the background. Guests will use this bathroom for pool side activities and enjoying the firepit on a nice evening. 

On the outer wall is the shower with a simple control backed by 18" porcelain tile. The tile has zero grout to reduce maintenance and stand up to the weather. 

Feels Bigger Than It Is

There were many interior design techniques used to make the room feel bigger.


The color pallette is a very bright white and powder blue. Seems obvious, but the reflective porcelain tiles are a little off white to create some warmth while the texture on the tile creates the perception of depth.

It was equally important NOT to use a white floor color as this will not give the room a base. Not having a clear delineation between walls and floors can be very disconcerting to many people. Therefore, we selected a green patterned stone tile to provide a visual anchor and allow the walls to feel bigger.


This room is tall but not very wide. Using the 12" x 36" tiles horizontally stretched this room's width. This little technique was further amplified by the direction of the texture on the tiles as well.


The toilet, sink and cabinet all had to compliment the space planning as well. The wall mounted toilet puts the tank in the wall, removing one more thing from taking up space in the room. The cabinet is mounted to the wall six inches off the floor. This is not a toe kick. The cabinet is not touching the floor. That extra space under the cabinet also makes the room feel bigger. The sink had to be a vessel sink because the cabinet is very small and we needed every inch of storage we could find. This vessel sink is almost completely out of the cabinet, but still looks elegant.


The towel shelf above the toilet is the same look and feel as the walls. The color, size, and location provide the needed storage without making the room feel small.


The Pool House gets used a lot and needed to stand-up. Every surface had to meet the client's criteria of "I need to be able to hose this thing out on a regular basis". 

The obvious surfaces were used for the flooring and fixtures. The cabinet had to be built like it was going on the outside of a boat. Therefore, we used gelcoat to protect the wood. A gasket and marine grade hardware were also used on this cabinet to make it very durable.

The Team

The team behind the award winning project include:

  • The Last Layer - provided the tile, stone, and quartz
  • EuroClassic - fabricated the counter top
  • Fergusons - provided the plumbing fixtures
  • Lightopia - provided the lighting fixtures
  • Harbor Woodworking - provided the cabinet
  • Vandenberg Cabinetry - provided shelves

Thank you to everyone involved. We could not have done this without you.

Before Pictures

Here are the before pictures of the Pool Bathroom.

This project is a great example of how interior design can make even a small space great. Thank you ASID for recognizing our efforts.

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