A staged home typically sells faster and for more money

Sparkling, well-appointed houses garner the most attention, often selling very quickly.  This holds true whether the overall market is cold or hot.  In a cold market, buyers have leverage and are inclined to insist on the very best (which means the beautifully staged house wins).  In a hot market, a feeding frenzy mentality can drive buyers to laser-focus on the hottest property, ignoring others.  So if your property is perceived as the hot one, settle in and watch those buyers frantically outbidding each other (which means the beautifully staged house wins).

Home staging is an art, and the best home stager is an interior designer -- with expertise in choosing and arranging the colors, fabrics, furniture, and small details to make your home look its absolute best.

But the truly masterful stager brings some extra talent to the task.  She also knows what NOT to show to ensure your home appeals to a broad range of tastes.  No toaster, toothpaste, or laundry hamper to clutter the space or diminish the allure -- the object here is to encourage potential buyers to fall in love with your home.  We're after love at first sight.

As for nuts and bolts, here's how our staging team approaches your home to prepare for speedier sale:

  • Examine your home from top to bottom, making recommendations to ready the home for show and sale.  With your input and budget guidance, an overall plan of action will be developed.
  • Identify specific ways to accentuate your home's best features while neutralizing any shortcomings. For example, the stager may recommend removing curtains from a window with a great view.  In a small bedroom, replacing a double bed with a twin or even a baby's crib will make the space look larger.
  • Recommend which elements of your furniture and personal items should stay, and which should be removed before an open house or showing.  Effective staging means de-cluttering, so be prepared to move the majority of your possessions into storage (or better yet, to your next magnificent residence).
  • Assist with arrangements for recommended repairs or other major work on your home -- by lining up contractors, carpenters, painters, and landscapers.  And more importantly, overseeing their work.
  • Bring in furniture, art, curtains, rugs, pillows, maybe a bowl of perfect oranges (real or otherwise), potted orchids, and a "Welcome" mat for the front porch.  Our staging team keeps an impressive inventory of these elements, all matching and carefully selected to transform your house into a special place where prospective buyers can realize their dreams.
  • Add those special finishing touches immediately before an open house or major showing.  For example, the stager may add fresh flowers, or put a pie in the oven on low heat to tantalize visitors with delicious aromas wafting throughout the house.


SADG Staging

Unfurnished Homes

Most of our staging work is conducted on homes that are currently or soon-to-be empty.  Our team rolls in with furniture, art, decorations, rugs, and many important items and details designed to help prospective buyers visualize living in the home.

The most frequently staged rooms and some of our common provisions include:

  • Living Room - sofa, chairs, coffee table, art, rugs, plants, flowers, and decorative items
  • Dining Room - dining table, chairs, place settings, table cloth, and decorative items
  • Entry - lamp, appropriate small table
  • Kitchen - small decorative items
  • Master Bedroom - Bed, chairs, linens, lamps, and decorative items
  • Master Bathroom - small decorative items
  • Bathrooms - small decorative items

We are also equipped to handle other rooms and even outdoor living areas as needed.

Each project is unique and therefore quoted individually.  For homes and condos under 2,500 sq ft, our tendency is to quote per room.  For larger deluxe homes in upscale neighborhoods, we tend to quote on a per square foot staged basis. 

Furnished Homes

If the home owner has not yet moved, or furnishings and other household items remain, we can still effectively stage using a slightly different approach to this more challenging environment:

  • Decluttering - prospective buyers will struggle to visualize living in a home crammed full of stuff
  • Arranging for a POD-like storage solution
  • Staging those key areas listed above
  • Providing hand-picked furniture and decorative items as needed

These staging projects involve a free onsite visit which enables us to produce an appropriate quote.


Our Estate Management division can handle basic repairs and touch-ups to improve your home's appeal.  We understand that you live a busy life, making it difficult to stay on top of every maintenance detail.  Allow us to assist by making repairs like:

  • Patching drywall
  • Painting
  • Cabinet repairs
  • Plumbing
  • Doors
  • Post-inspection repairs

Estimates will be provided for these services as needed.


SADG provides full interior design services to many of our clients -- we can remodel your home!  An older home which is overdue for freshening tends to stay on the market longer, and a lengthy stay on the market puts downward pressure on the price. 

Areas to consider remodeling:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Flooring
  • Interior paint
  • Curb appeal
    • Landscape
    • Exterior paint
    • Front door
    • Garage Door
  • Lighting

We are happy to quote these projects as needed, following our Interior Design process

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